What Is The Best Brand Of Sewing Machine?

best brands of sewing machine

If someone asks you what is the best brand of sewing machine then your immediate answer would be Singer or Brother. The people who are in the sewing industry are very well-known with some of the best brands of sewing machines.

People who are thinking to jump into the sewing world perhaps are unaware of these sewing machine brands. For these people this article would be very beneficial and can help in picking the right one. Based on different types of sewing machines, functions, features and most importantly the customer’s reviews, we have found different types of sewing machines.

4 Best Brand Of Sewing Machines

We all know that all the brands of sewing machines are the competitors to each other. Based on the customer’s reviews and by our personal research we have sorted out some of the brands of sewing machines that you can use.

Singer Sewing Machines

One of the unforgettable names in the world of sewing machines Singer Corporation that was founded in 1851. The American company has a good reputation in the world with some millions of customers across the globe. It deals in with some of the basic singer handheld sewing machines to the advanced fully automatic computerized machines. The company provides many great features in their sewing machines that help to sew more easily and even some of the complex designs. Whether you need for quilting, embroidery, clothes making and some heavy duty machines you can according to your needs. Some of the popular models are Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, Singer 1304 Start, Singer Curvy 8770, and many more.   

Brother Sewing Machines

Brother Industries is one of the best brands of sewing machines in the world that was founded in 1908 in Japan. It provides different sewing machines like from basic sewing machines to advanced computerized sewing machines. The high-end-quality of sewing machines is best for clothes, quilting, embroidery, and many more. Some of the popular models are like Brother PE770, Brother JK4000 Brother LB5000S computerized sewing machine.

Janome Sewing Machines

Janome sewing machines are a very well-known brand in Japan in the industry for the last 70 years. The company has gained popularity and has become one of the competitors of the sewing brands. The sewing machines of Janome are for beginners as well as for the pro level sewers. However, the machines are not cheap compared to the other big brands but are rich in features. From basic to computerized they have all one need to do sew for personal use or as the profession. Some of the popular models are Janome Magnolia 7330, Janome DC 2013, Janome Memory Craft 6300P, and some more. These are some of the best Janome sewing machines for intermediates.

Juki Sewing Machine

Juki Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial sewing machines that was founded in 1938. The company deals in different types of sewing machines ranging from basic to high level to their customers. The superior feeding system of the company’s machines is very high in quality. Some of the popular models of the Juki sewing machine are Juki TL-2000Qi, Juki HZ-DX7, Juki HZL-F600, and some others.

So these were some of the best brands of sewing machines you buy. 

Final Verdict

It is always said that it is worth getting a sewing machine. All the brands of sewing machines that we have listed above are one the best brands in the market. We have mentioned some of the best sewing machines for making clothes. Based on the type of requirements and needs one has to choose accordingly. Hope you now got the top 4 brands of sewing machines that you can rely on.


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